Xtreme Praise Ministries

We are a non-profit community youth-centered ministry employing puppetry, drama interpretations, skits, mimes, praise worshipers, and singing as its' source of outreach.

Because we are youth-centered, all youth of the community are invited to volunteer their services regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or religion.  As volunteers, participants will benefit in numerous ways such as character building, spiritual growth, learning the importance of teamwork, enhancing self-confidence, constructive use of time, and positive social interaction.

Our Mission:  To LIFT someone's spirit, to GIVE a helping hand, to ENCOURAGE the downhearted, sorrowful, the depressed, and to BE A FRIEND to the friendless.

We meet every Sunday at 3:00 pm for bible study and practice.  Every 1st Saturday of the month, we are on program at our church for worship service.
Elder Sylvester Dotson, Director
Contact for Bookings:

Valarie Dotson, Admin. Assistant
P.O. Box 5502
Alexandria, LA  71307






Upcoming Events: